About Us

At N-Sign Ltd we manufacture street nameplates to any local authority specification, although we have our standard format that covers the majority of local authorities. Our service offers both wall mounted plates or freestanding plates.
Although we produce other signs at our factory (such as road signage, and site signs) we have geared our production for street nameplates.

The sign trays are made from polycarbonate; the tray is fastened to two stainless steel posts with our vandal proof system. The face panels are reverse lettered on anti glare polycarbonate, which is fitted into the tray using our own integral clip system and VHB tape.

The plates have been tested in high vandalism areas and we have ‘ put it through the mill’ and have had no problems. We can also produce any logo on our plates (for example council emblem).

The signs are available at 1120 x 150mm and 1120 x 285mm.

For general signage enquiries visit our signage website: www.n-sign.co.uk

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